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"The Old Mill" Ride at CMU!

A couple of our members took a trip to visit our fellow TEPGers at Carnegie Mellon University to experience the dark ride CMU CREATED THEMSELVES called The Old Mill Ride.

"The Old Mill will take guests back into the age of steel in Pittsburgh, sending them on a tour of a long-abandoned steel mill that has since been converted into a museum. Along the way, guests will get to see the remains of the Old Mill as they were when the facilities closed down. As exciting as this is, we do warn visitors that the mill is said to come alive at night. These are just urban legends, of course!"

We got a behind the scenes tour of their ride, and got to enjoy the entirety of CMUs Spring Carnival and some city sights. Thank you to everyone part of CMU TPEG for hosting us and showing us a good time around your school and city.


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