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Trips and Speakers Gallery

Each semester, we like to invite a speaker or organization in to talk to TPEG about a different facet of the themed entertainment industry. These have included Disney Imagineers, park executives, and ride/prop manufacturers.

Additionally, we enjoy visiting locations all around the country each year to expand upon our experiences and knowledge of this industry. 

Some of these trips include:

  • ASTM F24 Conferences

  • IAAPA Expos

  • Waldameer Park

  • Cedar Point

  • Kings Island

  • Knoebels

  • Great Coasters International

  • Holiday World

  • Kennywood​

  • Jack Rouse & Associates

  • Universal Studios

  • Walt Disney World

  • Dollywood

  • Sea World San Diego

  • Columbus Zoo

  • Zoombezi Bay

  • The Nassal Company

  • Kentucky Kingdom

  • LF Studios

and many more!

There's far too much to say about all these experiences, so we've thrown together some of our many pictures into the gallery below!

​If you or your business would be interested in coordinating a visit with TPEG, please email us! We'd love to hear from you and an exec board member should get back to you shortly!

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