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Alec Reynolds

Mechanical Engineering

Entertainment Design and Technology


Alec Reynolds is an IAAPA Certified Attractions Professional with over 6 years' experience in the attractions industry. Alec is ecstatic to serve as the President of the longest running collegiate themed entertainment organization, and has been an active member of this student led group since 2016. His passion for the themed entertainment industry is complimented by his academic discipline. He will be graduating in May 2022 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and the first student to complete the Minor in Entertainment Design and Technology. In his free time, Alec proliferates industry exposure through consumable media to over 190,000 subscribers through platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Alec's professional goals include working as a project engineer in an attraction-based role, or a project manager for an entertainment facing company.


Nick Mascolo

Mechanical Engineering

Project Manager

Nick is a third-year Mechanical Engineering major. Outside of the classroom, he works on various personal projects focusing on the mechanical design and controls of animatronic mechanisms. In his first semester as Project Manager, Nick co-led TPEG's first ever holiday musical light show for OSU's Light Up The Lake event.


Alec Reynolds

Mechanical Engineering


Alec is a 4th-Year interested in project/construction management in the themed entertainment industry. Since 2016, Alec has been an active member of TPEG and has served on the Executive Board every school year. Alec is a Certified Associate in Project Management and has worked for Cedar Fair Entertainment for 5 seasons through an eclectic amount of positions. Alec has traveled to IAAPA and ASTM conferences and has been heavily involved with many industry-based student-led events.

20200714_072855 (1) - Dan Mueller.jpg

Dan Mueller

Civil Engineering

External Relations Chair

Dan has been a pivotal member in the SITE OSU conference as the founder & coordinator for both years. Dan has worked at Cedar Point for two seasons as a Ride Maintenance Technician, at IBI Group with a Site Development Co-op, and at Six Flags Great America as a Ride Operator. Dan has paved impressive connections between different universities and helped usher in a new age of students interested in themed entertainment.

IMG_20200728_163143_790 - Carissa Vance.

Carissa Vance

Mechanical Engineering

Project Lead

Carissa has been an active member of TPEG for over 4 years. She has had an impressive amount of experience working in the industry. A list of Carissa's experience is listed:

  • Disney College Program: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Spring 2017 

  • Grand Floridan Summer 2018

  • Kings Island Ride Operator 2016, 2017, 2020

  • Engineering Intern at LifeFormations Fall 2018

  • Teaching assistant for ME 2900 (Arduino Programming) Spring of 2018 and Spring of 2019

  • Teaching assistant ME 5680 (CAD, CNC machining) Fall 2020

  • Engineering Intern at Universal Creative Fall 2019.

Steph Website profile.jpg

Stephanie Raab

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Social Media Chair - Spring Semester

Stephanie is a first year from Buffalo, New York. She is an honors Industrial and Systems Engineering major, and is also pursuing a dance minor. She has had a passion for theme parks from a young age and hopes to work in the industry professionally as an Industrial Engineer. 


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Robert Anderson


Robert is an experienced Electrical & Computer Engineer with background in automation and control systems. One day, he hopes to secure a role in ride or show control in the themed attractions industry. As President, Robert hopes to continue the purposeful traditions that define TPEG, while strengthening project work and industry connections.

8E98BD3E-F062-44E5-94E0-62D7278736DA - R

Mechanical Engineering

Ryan Stadler

Industry Chair

Ryan spent the summer of 2020 working at the Roller Coaster Capital of the World as a Maintenance ​Technician at Cedar Point. Ryan's passion for the attractions industry is highlighted in his current personal 3D printed roller coaster project.

86088BE2-26E4-41AC-9BB1-5D3F64FB4E20 - S

Civil Engineering

Sydney Davis

E-Council Representative

 Sydney is a first year from Dublin, Ohio majoring in civil engineering and minoring in world literature. She loves reading, watching horror movies, and doing anything Disney related!

Kevin Magnus photo - Kevin Magnus.jpg

Engineering Physics

Kevin Magnus


Kevin is a third-year and originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has loved amusement parks and roller coasters since he was a little kid. When Kevin found out about TPEG, he knew that he had to get involved.

IMG_4703 - Kirsten Szydlowski.JPG

Materials Science and Engineering

Kirsten Szydlowski

Social Media Chair/ Project Lead - Fall Semester

Kirsten has been an active member of TPEG for many years and has served on the E-board multiple semesters. Kirsten's passion for the themed entertainment industry is apparent through her dedication to ensuring that all TPEG events and activities flourish. Kirsten has professional experience through Cedar Point, as a Campus Ambassador, Parks Services Operations Management Intern, and as a Ride Operator. She has also worked as an Applications Engineering Intern at Hobart Filler Metals

Benseniorpic - Ben Napier.jpg

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Benjamin Napier


Ben has industry experience from his roles as a ride operator at Kings Island. Through his leadership experience in the rides department, Ben discovered that he is enthusiastic about park operation and he aspires to work in the themed entertainment industry on the operational optimization and management side

E9CE92CE-2147-452E-A716-6B98D5E7C220 - M

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Maya Miniato

Social Chair

Maya is a junior honors Industrial and Systems Engineering major pursuing a minor in Computer and Information systems. She has a passion for joining the theme park industry as an Industrial Engineer at Disney working in park operations, and is currently looking forward to interning for Amazon Operations this summer. 

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